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waste case study

majestic bingo / location-nationwide

Majestic Bingo is the UK’s third largest operator of retail bingo with 16 clubs across the country. Majestic Bingo have 1,000,000 visits to their clubs every year. The clubs range from purpose built destination venues to converted cinemas all serving local communities.

With a network of 16 clubs each Site Manager arranged their own waste management contracts creating large quantity of suppliers and missing out on the benefit of group purchasing. Each site had different contract end dates and terms and conditions.

Though the willingness was there from all teams, recycling proved difficult to implement on a group level


"The decision to involve Blue Castle in the early development of Majestic Bingo is one I am extremely pleased I made and I believe we have our waste management totally under control.
I am confident our costs are always being reviewed to ensure we have the best commercials.

Sarah our account manager is extremely proactive and it is important as a customer you never feel like you are just a number and thanks to Sarah we believe our best interest are always at the heart of the decisions Blue Castle make on behalf of our business".

how our client feels

Blue Castle provided a like for like quote utilising our buying power and supply chain management. On providing savings across the portfolio Blue Castle were instructed to take over and manage the roll out process for all sites ensuring a group contract was formed.


Upon studying the waste streams and visiting sites ensuring recommendations were sustainable and achievable, Blue Castle implemented recycling across the group to reduce annual costs further and increase recycling rates.


Blue Castle also studied the container types and frequency in order to identify further savings where too many lifts were in contract or more suitable containers could be provided to lower the overall cost.


A dedicated Account Manager was instructed to manage the account in order to provide consistency and one point of call for any enquiries. Speaking to someone with knowledge of the site and relationship with the supplier assisted in any issues being resolved quickly and efficiently. Consolidated invoicing was set up by Blue Castle as well as the option of a Direct Debit facility