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water: savings and reductions



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We use the power of bulk-purchasing to reduce the cost of your water charges. We take individual clients’ water usage and combine them together for an increased saving. In order to accurately calculate potential savings we will conduct a desktop analysis of your usage and spend to identify any potential issues with the current service allowing us to present to you accurate budgeting following a switch of supply.

As standard, we can provide all relevant management information, crucial to see the impact effective water management has on your business. We provide and manage your smart metering data to help you keep on top of your consumption, this will highlight areas of significant consumption and we can then make recommendations on how to reduce them.


We forensically examine your bills to check for errors, overcharging and more which are key to saving you money.  Once mistakes or overcharging is identified we resolve the issue with the water company securing a credit or refund. The majority of our clients have received a cash refund from their water company

Upon completing a site visit we will identify your consumption. Should we discover excessive consumption patterns or a potential leak we will take any immediate action required. Once resolved we will then approach the water company on your behalf and apply for any refunds your business may be owed.

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