A utilities strategies and Waste Management Company unique to you

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A utilities strategies
and Waste Management
Company unique to you

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Welcome to the Blue Castle Group


Transforming the way you manage waste and utilities across your estate. Recycle more, drive down costs, and delight your customers.

Blue Castle Group is the waste management company that executive boards and the waste community turn to, for the most advanced waste strategies and technologies available.

See how Blue Castle would re-think waste and utilities in your company...


Waste Management

We are the leading UK waste management company for cost effective and sustainable solutions to businesses of all sizes. We focus on long term solutions to compromising inefficiencies and limitations within commercial operations.



Leading knowledge in procurement and innovation within electricity, gas and water. We look to implement relevant solutions to assist customer operations and reduce costs. We ensure smooth transitions with our customer centric approach.


Trusted by great organisations across industries

Increasing recycling with waste management unique to you


Less waste going to landfill, more recycling, improving your green credentials. We help you to win more customers and engage your workforce with sustainable solutions.

Managing ever increasing waste and utility costs


Benchmark your current waste and utility costs for immediate savings, before optimising your processes to further reduce costs. Less collections, more waste recycled on and offsite, more rebates and protection from annual cost increases.

Continual innovations keep you one step ahead


We never stop innovating to bring you the latest techniques and equipment including aerobic food digesters, balers, and glass crushers. We facilitate continual improvement in your processes, green credentials, cost effectiveness and compliance.

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