A day in the life of a Blue Castle CEO – Marie Harley

Continuing our series of articles following a day in the life of Blue Castle team members, this edition features Marie Harley, who is our Chief Executive Officer.

Continuing our series of articles following a day in the life of Blue Castle team members, this edition features Blue Castle CEO, (Chief Executive Officer) Marie Harley.

Marie joined Blue Castle Group in August 2011, bringing with her over 11 years’ experience in the business and waste services sectors.  Marie’s experience includes working for a major facilities management company who provided cleaning services to one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains and as well as having worked for one of Europe’s top waste management companies.  Marie become CEO of Blue Castle in 2015, having previously been the Waste Services Director.  In the role of CEO Marie has continued to build on the success of the group.

Marie is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management as well as being a fully qualified Transport Manager.

We interviewed Marie, about her role as Blue Castle CEO and asked what she enjoys most about working for a Waste and Utilities Consultant.


What does your day to day job entail?

 Ultimately, as the Blue Castle CEO I am responsible for leading the development and execution of the company’s long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. It is hard to sum up what my day entails but I hope during each day that I inspire, motivate, teach, lead by example, share my vision and appreciation for all the team at Blue Castle and in return they contribute to producing results and share the excitement and satisfaction of being part of a winning team.

How does this benefit Blue Castle customers/suppliers?

I am a great believer that if I look after and appreciate the team, they in turn will appreciate and look after Blue Castle customers and suppliers.

What do you enjoy most about your job and what is your proudest work achievement?

I genuinely enjoy being part of something that works and being able to develop people to be the absolute best that they can be. As for my proudest work achievement, one memory will always stay with me and that was addressing the team as Blue Castle CEO for the first time at the annual conference.

How long have been involved in the industry.

I have been involved in the business and waste services sector for 17 years.

What changes have you seen in the industry?

In terms of waste management the focus is increasingly moving away from “shove it in a bin” to “how can I avoid this” with a greater degree of responsibility put onto the producer. In terms of energy and utilities, the access to detailed information such as smart meters means that people are more aware of what they are using (spending) in a much more granular manner and can therefore act accordingly.

What changes do you predict in the future?

If I knew that I would be a millionaire! All I can do is make sure that Blue Castle are in a leading position to support our customers with whatever innovations and technology comes along.

What changes would you like to see and how might they happen?

There still seems to be a lot of unnecessary “waste” being produced, such as excessive packaging. For example, why do some bananas and carrots from the supermarket come in a plastic bag? In terms of saving energy, why do people switch the aircon on before considering just opening a window, or worse keep the aircon on and open a window?

We all need to take personal responsibility for our actions.  One person might ask “how would me doing that make a difference?” but the point is, if we all took a small step, the combined impact would be huge.

What things do you try to do personally to recycle, save energy, save the planet?

I buy and batch cook food saving energy and preventing wastage. Where I can, I walk rather than take the car. All the lightbulbs in my house are LED. I buy from the local market where everything is funny shaped and nothing is pre-packed. There are lots of little things, none of which are individually going to change the planet, but all these little things combined hopefully make just that little bit of difference.

Any other comments related to a day in your life at BC?

It’s important to remember that the success of Blue Castle isn’t my success. It’s successful based upon the collaboration of 40 staff members and their relationships with 100’s of partners, all working together to consistently deliver what is required for our customers.

Marie Harley Blue Castle Group CEO

Marie trekked the Sahara desert to raise money for local charities.