Brownhills are the UK’s largest Motorhome retailer located in Newark, Nottinghamshire.  The company has a 10.5 acre site which includes a 30,000 square foot showroom, bistro, parts department and accessory shop. The site also incorporates Brownhills’ Club Member facilities containing a club lounge, swimming pool, spa and sauna.


As a responsible business Brownhills were keen to investigate if they were maximising all recycling opportunities on site to ensure that the business continued to work to best practise. Whilst Brownhills had used waste brokers in the past they wanted a potential waste partner to visit site to engage with their team, and ensure that any waste management improvements were both scalable and sustainable.

Our Approach

In order to fully understand all waste streams and review current processes, Blue Castle sent a representative to site in order to conduct a thorough site survey.

Having completed the survey there were a number of areas where Blue Castle could support Brownhills in their aim to divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

A proposal was generated providing a current like for like quote as well as providing an itemised proposal for each waste stream identified.

Our Solution

In order to meet Brownhills target of increasing recycling on site we ensured that our client had the necessary containers, as well as the relevant training to promote promoting recycling across all departments.


"As a company, we were conscious of the amount of waste we were adding to landfill and had always been keen to recycle as much of our waste as possible. After speaking to Blue Castle about recycling opportunities, it became clear that recycling a large proportion of our waste would, if anything, reduce costs for waste removal whilst also helping the environment. The most noticeable change has definitely been the infrequency at which we now have our general waste removed, this very quickly led us to realise that we have made the right choice by working alongside Blue Castle, both financially and for the good of the environment."

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