One year since commercial water supply de-regulated

April 2018 marks the one year anniversary since the commercial water supply market was de-regulated. Blue Castle reflects back on the change and the impact on businesses.

We are approaching the one year anniversary since the commercial water supply market was de-regulated and business customers finally had the opportunity to shop around for the best deals for their water supply.

From April 2017, provided that your business consumed over 5ML of water annually, you have been able to choose your water supplier based on which commercial water supply best suits your business needs.

In reflecting back on this change, despite our best efforts to raise market awareness, Blue Castle Group is still encountering businesses that have yet to review their water consumption and negotiate better commercial water supply deals with their supplier.

Since the changes to the water market were made you are now able to review the entire market -  so, if you have not reviewed your water consumption and costs in the past year, now would be great time to do so!

If you would like help carrying out this review, why not let an expert from Blue Castle help?

We use a 4 step process to help ensure our customers are getting the very best deal:

Step 1 : Desktop Water Audit

One of our experts analyses your water invoices and the charges that you have received. Ideally, this should be for the last 12 months, but we can work with the last six months data if that is all you have easily to hand. From this we are usually able to highlight areas where you can save. If you agree with our recommendations, you appoint us to the next step!

Step 2 : Site Survey

We will visit your site and conduct a full, but unobtrusive survey of your site(s). This will include an analysis of consumption levels and identification of areas where there is a higher than average level of consumption.

Step 3 : Reporting

Following our survey we will send you a full report of our findings. This will enable you to make informed decisions regarding which, if not all, recommendations to implement.

Step 4 : Recommendations

If you would like to implement some or all of our recommendations, the next step is to appoint us to act on your behalf to negotiate with your existing supplier to correct your charges and recover any monies that may be owed. This may also include having discussions with alternative water providers if required.

If you would like to discuss your water consumption charges with a member of our expert team, please call 01400 283500, or complete the enquiry form.