Hotel Van Dyk

Hotel Van Dyk


Hotel Van Dyk is a luxury 4 star, 1 Rosette hotel located in the Derbyshire Peak District near to the market town of Chesterfield, which is famous for its crooked spire. The hotel is under new management and is gradually undergoing significant renovations which are planned to be complete by November 2018. A brand new extension to include a further 53 bedrooms, new wedding and conference suites, gardens, terraces and a restaurant will be unveiled.


The hotel operators wanted to reduce costs and access advice to enable them to reach their goal of maximising recycling opportunities and meeting their environmental compliance.

Our Approach

Blue Castle has specialist expertise in advising hotels on their energy and environmental strategies. Following an initial discussion, we offered to visit the hotel to carry out a free site audit and offer recommendations that would help Hotel Van Dyk meet its recycling objectives, become better informed and save money. We also reviewed current services and costs by carrying out a desktop audit of current bills. Having discussed the current service offering from a national supplier, it transpired the client was not getting the service or advice they expected.

Our Solution

We appointed a dedicated Account Manager to carry out the review and understand the client’s objectives. Blue Castle identified several opportunities where the hotel could improve its recycling processes starting with some very quick resolutions such as segregating food waste from mixed recycling and general waste. By segregating in this manner, we immediately removed the threat of overweight bins and also gave the client flexibility in their waste management processes.

We also identified other measures that Hotel Van Dyk could implement as part of a longer term plan. We presented these proposals for consideration to stakeholders, who were impressed with our recommendations. Our approach was consultative, educational and also focused on reducing costs in a way that would support their recycling objectives, and dramatically improve the hotels approach to waste management and environmental compliance.

A set of reports has been established which now enables Hotel Van Dyk to document their progress and achievements. This should also provides documented evidence to support the client with their environment compliance, as well as their long-term ambition of entering and winning the Green Tourism award.


“The Blue Castle approach was highly refreshing. We have learned so much and now view them as a fundamental partner in our business. They have implemented some really simple things that our current provider should really have been helping us with. The new approach to segregating waste is already paying dividends. We have a designated recycling area where the waste will be segregated. Blue Castle has also assisted with staff training to ensure that everyone is aware of our waste management plan and has a greater understanding of what can be recycled. We also have an ongoing plan to implement more of Blue Castle’s recommendations such as using food digesters, glass crushers and other waste handling equipment.”

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