Middleton Lodge use Innovative Ways to Go Green with help from Blue Castle Group

Middleton Lodge based in North Yorkshire continue to improve their eco footprint by changing their processes from standard general waste bin units and limited recycling, with the support and knowledge from Blue Castle Group. Ben Crosby, Business Relationships Manager fully audited the site upon his first visit and with time the 5 star venue is now segregating their food and having the appropriate collections.

After studying and reporting on the food waste quantities since our servicing began in June 2018, the need for innovative ways to dispose of food transpired, with a possible aerobic food digester and composting for the estate grounds.

The Grand Georgian Country Estate, set in 200 acres of rural land has made it priority to go green and offer the customers the best service whilst being kind to our environment. Blue Castle Group are proud to be partnered with a credible location, and aim to continue educating and being true to our mission statement;

Blue Castle Group are dedicated specialists in responsible waste management and the provision of utilities. Providing clients with sustainable and practical solutions, we work across all sectors and our team members have a depth of experience and knowledge”

If you would like to discuss how we can help you gain green accreditations, improve your economical footprint and help you financially along the way, please contact us.