Provenance Inns & Hotels choose Market Leading Waste Consultants Blue Castle Group

September 2018 was an exciting month for Blue Castle Group as we began servicing Provenance Inns Hotels based in North Yorkshire. The award winning chain of 7 inns and hotels has partnered with Blue Castle Group to increase their knowledge on correct waste distribution and minimise their ecological footprint in all their sites; and as a larger team together plan to implement sustainable waste disposal methods creating less impact to the environment whilst maintain great service.

Ben Crosby, Customer Relationships Manager and Mark Allison, Supply Chain Manager attended the individual hotel and inns to audit each location and discuss placing the correct waste units within each site and to educate on recycling and disposing of their waste. The prestigious group aim to improve their eco footprint by implementing better practices within their organisation by ensuring better segregation of their waste. Alongside this, we aim to further educate the entire Provenance Inns & Hotel Groups in recycling and waste management for their internal teams by frequently attending site and providing informative documentation to always update and refresh their knowledge.

Together we aim to create environmentally friendly solutions to enable, quick, flexible and sustainable fixes to the Provenance chain and many companies within hospitality/catering industries.

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