Radisson Blu Manchester

Radisson Blu Manchester


The Radisson Blu Manchester hotel is one in a chain of 400 hotels globally, which share desire for inspiring unforgettable experiences, personalised service and utilising local expertise. With this in mind, Radisson Blu® continually reviews the smallest of details across all of its operations in order to leave the biggest impressions with its guests.


Based in the thriving city of Manchester, Radisson Blu® enjoys a constant stream of guests enjoying their leisure time or business stay. However, this success as an industry leader inevitably means large scale generation of food waste and challenges for its hygienic, cost effective and efficient disposal.

Challenges are wholly mitigated though, thanks to a partnership with Blue Castle Group, as an industry leader in waste and utilities. Blue Castle Group were able to support Radisson Blu® through provision of an aerobic digester, the latest and most innovative solution to hospitality’s food waste challenges. The digester hygienically processes and removes food waste onsite, eliminating the need to store it and organise costly collections.

Our Solution

The Aerobic Digester:

  • Reduces overhead costs – immediate reduction in operating costs by eliminating collection. Management teams can also streamline their procurement chain by digitally monitoring and identifying areas of wasted expenditure.
  • Hygienic waste solution – odourless and fully contained. The Aerobic Digester utilises a combination of bacterial inoculants to reduce food waste into liquid. This liquid is disposed of into existing drainage systems
  • UK manufactured and CE approved – tested to the highest standards to ensure minimal maintenance. With operation in commercial environments the digester meet the crucial need for quality of investment.
  • Green efficiency – eliminate the need for landfill and transport emissions. The digestser runs independently allowing staff to concentrate on serving their customers.

With minimal maintenance, Aerobic Digestion Technology provides a cost-effective solution to the challenges of commercial environments processing food waste. Radisson Blu® Manchester, exemplifies this and proves its successful application.


“Aerobic digestion is a highly effective solution to the problem anyone in the hospitality and catering sector faces, what to do with food waste? We wanted to help the Radisson achieve an environmental and financial gain with the introduction of a digester, as well as working smarter to monitor the amount of food waste, with the unit’s inbuilt scales and technology. This then means that both the chefs and hotel managers can benefit from an aerobic digester. Ultimately the guests also benefit with Radisson staff able to concentrate on service and quality.”

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