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With over 16 years of experience, we are one of the UK’s most innovative and environmentally conscious waste management and utilities provider. We provide businesses in the UK and Ireland with expert services and products to allow them to increase their waste recycling, decrease their operating costs and implement environmentally friendly operational solutions.


Trusted & Industry Proven

The foundation of our success is our commitment to quality services. We tailor our operations to suit your specific business requirements.


Reduction in Operating Costs

Our engagement methodology identifies cost savings to be made throughout the transformation of your waste strategy. From immediate cost reductions to longer term savings and rebates.


Sustainable Solutions

Our commitment to green practices and renewable solutions lie at the heart of our ethos, we provide the necessary mechanisms for sustainability and commercial operations to coexist.


Our Services

Blue Castle are fully independent specialists for Waste Management, including trade waste, food waste recycling, hazardous waste, and clinical waste disposal. Our waste strategies blend proven methods to create practical solutions using the latest waste technologies, including aerobic food digesters, that help you manage waste responsibly for less cost. As a part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, disposal of hazardous or difficult waste products is fully traceable and conducted under the supervision or advice of professional chemists.


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Glass Crusher

Compact your bottles to into sharp free glass,
increasing efficiency and storage space. Your
business could benefit from reduced handling
and collections, with bottles reduced to a
fraction of their original volume.
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Waste Handling Equipment

We look for the most efficient solutions to all your
problems. With a cardboard baler, you can reduce
the volume of card waste by up to 90% and save
the time of your staff. Maximise bin and skip storage
space to get the most out of collections.


Trusted by great organisations across industries


"Radisson Blu is always looking at the small details to make a big difference. This extends to our kitchen where we have a common problem of how best to manage our food waste. We approached Blue Castle Group to look at our waste challenges and they suggested the ATL300 aerobic digester as the perfect solution. The digester has many benefits for us, the main one being the time and cost it saves us, enabling us to concentrate on helping our guests have a quality experience at the Radisson Blu Manchester.”

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